Whispers Lyrics

1. Whispers Of The Damned [Lyrics: Ahlgren] Whispers of the damned Unspoken words consuming us and leaving us […]

Autumn Enigma Lyrics

1. The Fire [Lyrics by Westesson] Oh, can you feel it now? The cold wind in your direction […]


Insomnia Lyrics

1. The Hollow Grounds [Lyrics by Blecher] Kill me now Pain grows inside Carnal damnation arise Devotion untunes […]

Twilight Symphony

Twilight Symphony Lyrics

1. Promenade Prolusion [Instrumental] [Music by: Thomas Ahlgren Erik Odsell] 2. Fear Of Denial [Lyrics by Wallin] As […] apeiron

…To Apeiron Lyrics

1. Frozen Meadows [Lyrics by Westesson, Wallin] Tides of darkness approached, bringing the smell of fading flowers so […]